Ninja Power Ranger Game


After the war between the Power Rangers and the United Alliance of Evil, Zordon says, “Rangers you have fought well. The battle is over but our job isn’t finished yet. I need you to go out into space and help these people who are stranded on these dying planets.”

So they go out into space to find dead planets with survivors on them. They rescue as many people as possible off the planet before it explodes. When they get back to Earth Alpha 1 thanks to them for saving his life. But then an evil coming down from the sky attacks everyone.

“We are not going to lie down this time!” shouts Tommy Oliver (the Green/White Ranger). He raises his Dragon Dagger high in the air and shouts “Mastodon Ranger, power up!”

The Mastodon symbol fills with golden light and then turns into a giant robot. The four Rangers jump inside the robot and fight against this evil being.

After twenty-five minutes of fighting, they summon their words. As the words come in they start tearing through this thing like paper.

“Time to take him down,” says Jason Scott (the Red Ranger). He points his Dragon Dagger at the ground and summons his word: Tyrannosaurus Dinozord charging!

It comes in and starts tearing this evil guy to shreds. Then he breaks off one of the arms of the word and uses it as a sword. He slams it into the evil being and twists, killing him.

“That was a hell of a battle,” says Tommy Oliver (the White Ranger).

The five Rangers gather in the middle of the battlefield. They all raise their hands up to the sky with palms out and bowed heads.

“Power Rangers forever!” they shout together after a few minutes pass. Then they teleport away from this place back to base for some well-deserved rest.

The Ninja Power Rangers are a group of five teenagers who can control and summon the different animals that make up the words. They use these to protect the world from evil monsters and sorcerers.

The following is a description of each ranger:

Trent Fernandez-Mercer (Black Ranger) has been alive for over 500 years due to him visiting Madame Odius on his sixteenth birthday, who gave him eternal youth in exchange for harvesting people’s souls. While he works with her, he hopes to eventually free himself of this deal and get revenge on her once and for all. He brings with him two Folding Fans which he uses as swords (both real and throwing), which have an edge so sharp they’re capable of cutting through almost anything.

Trent is the only one who remembers the original Power Rangers, as they’re from an alternate timeline where he never made his deal with Madame Odius. Trent originally got powers and fought as a Power Ranger when Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger) (of this timeline) was pulled into his time by Madame Odius and forced to make a deal to save himself and his friends.

He returned to the future shortly afterwards, leaving Trent alone with no mentor and powerless… until, weeks later on his sixteenth birthday, he met up with Madame Odius again and managed to strike a new deal that made him the most powerful of all her warriors: she gave him eternal youth in exchange for harvesting people’s souls for her with their power coins.

has taken over the Animarium and is using it to travel through time (likely for some nefarious purpose).

(the former Rangers, but now turned into stone) are still in the rubble of the Animarium, broken by Madame Odius with her scepter. Trent was with them when this happened; he managed to avoid getting petrified himself because he was able to hide behind a pillar that kept him safe.

After she left, with his former teammates now gone forever, he went back to Aquabase and got Alpha 5’s help. He then traveled back in time by projecting his consciousness there with Alpha’s help; he has no physical body available for this though which means travelling back like this is likely very dangerous for him.

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